Friday No. 11

1.  I stepped into a new adventure this week and am so excited to share more about it with y’all soon! I’m praying for continued clarity before I share more details, but it has been such a sweet answer to prayer and God has been filling me with so much vision!

2. This week marked one year since my trip to Chapel Hill for the Making Things Happen Intensive! I shared a snippet of my experience here earlier this week.

3. Southern Weddings revealed the cover for their Tenth Anniversary Issue yesterday! I loved ready that the photographer snapped this sweet moment shared by the couple at the end of the shoot – completely unplanned! It’s so true to the heart of Southern Weddings to share authentic moments and love stories! I preordered my copy yesterday and y’all should too!

4. For the wedding we attended last weekend, I borrowed the dress my dear friend Jenn wore as maid of honor in our wedding and now I want to purchase one of my own! It is such a classic, polished style and can be styled to wear to events year-round (similar). Fun fact: my bridesmaids gowns were inspired by this Southern Weddings editorial.

5. I have found so much joy practicing with my new camera lately. This is one of my absolute favorites from earlier this week. I’m excited to keep learning!


What are y’all up to this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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Friday No. 10

1.  I made applesauce pancakes as a fun, festive fall lunch on Saturday afternoon and they were SO good. Using a recipe from a Google search and a recipe from the current issue of the Magnolia Journal, we enjoyed fluffy, cozy pancakes with real maple syrup. Yum!

2. I have been loving my new computer! Read more about how my husband surprised me with this last weekend here.

3. After much searching, shopping, and being incredibly selective, we now have new throw pillows for our living room! I ended up purchasing these ones from Everyday Occasions in the 22″ size and we are big fans! (Photo below from their shop)

4. I have consistently hit 10,000 steps five days in a row and also five days last week! I’m now incredibly motivated to hit 10K every day in October.

5. One of my favorite weekly traditions is our Friday night family dinners at Dillon’s family home. Last week we sat outside in their pavilion (where we had our wedding reception!) and enjoyed the warmth of the fire well into the evening. Hooray for slowing down!

What are y’all up to this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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Friday No. 9

Happy fall, friends! I woke up a bit before my alarm this morning to a crisp September morning. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While the days are getting shorter, there’s something lovely to getting up before the sun to start the day well. I poured myself a cup of coffee (I’ve been adding a dash of cinnamon to the grounds – yum!) and cozied up beneath a blanket on our couch. This month has been pretty busy between working full-time and being a full-time student. It’s about time for another Friday post!

1. Dillon and I both go into work later on Thursdays, so yesterday we took advantage of the morning to share a smoothie date. Since the cafe was within walking distance to my office, we walked me to work while we enjoyed our smoothies and it was the perfect start to the day! I ultimately hit 10,000 steps yesterday too so it was a win-win.

2.  I’m taking full-time classes for the first time in 4+ years and have been loving the material this term! I’m taking a design course and a social media course, both of which have been quite fun. The Ipad has been getting lots of mileage as I read my electronic course materials.

3. Bath and Body Works is offering $10 of their 3-wick candles! I plan to pick up a couple (dozen) Leaves candles to further bring fall festivity into our apartment. They are my absolute favorite!

4. I like to make birthdays a big deal, and Dillon’s was on Monday! It was a blast picking out some fun decorations at Target and surprising him with them after his race last weekend. While likely intended for kids, their Spritz decorations are SO fun.

5. I took some time earlier this week to do my very first fall manicure in Essie’s A-List. I’m such a fan of polished nails, especially after weeks without a manicure to grace my fingertips!

What are y’all up to this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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