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For the Heart

January 6, 2014

A New Devotional Reading Plan & Prayer

Good Afternoon Dear Friend,
My most-important goal for 2014 is growing in my faith and strengthening my relationship with God. One of the ways that I want to accomplish this is by starting each day by reading scripture, praying, and being still. This will help me to set my life down before God each day and fill my heart and mind with his truths before stepping foot into whatever each day holds.

Over the weekend it occurred to me that I really have to apply myself in the morning to get the most out of that special time with the Lord. I like to think of myself as a morning person, but far too often I find that it takes me a little too long to wipe the sleep from my eyes and roll my sleeves up to dive into what matters most. For example, on Saturday morning I set my alarm for 7:00 so that I could enjoy quiet time with God before the world grew loud (my family has several pet birds, so the world gets loud pretty early in our home). When my alarm went off on Saturday, I rolled over and laid there for a couple of moments. I really enjoyed the beautiful oranges and purples of the winter sunrise through the window from the comfort of my warm bed. I started praying quietly in my mind and soon realized that my thoughts kept running circles around my sleepy self as I laid there half-asleep. I think I repeated the same two thoughts about five times over and then eventually fell back to sleep for a few more hours than I would like to admit. When I finally woke up I was frustrated with myself that I had ‘skipped’ that important time that I had planned on enjoying. Our birds were loud at that point and the world had stirred, with neighbors outside snow-blowing their driveways and children playing in the fresh snow. I was angry at myself for missing my early-morning window of peace and quiet. Over the rest of the weekend, I decided to craft a prayer that I could focus on each morning as I transition out of sleep.

Today when my alarm went off, I was eager and excited to put my prayer into action. I prayed through it twice and then I found that my mind was awake and ready to dive into scripture. It was Day 1 of a new devotional reading plan that I had been looking forward to for a couple of weeks. By the time that I opened my Bible, I was able to enjoy that time with God and know that I had prepared my heart and mind for the lessons that He wanted me to learn. While my prayer is customized to fit my needs and desires for each day, I will share it here so that you can see what I am praying each morning. If you have a certain prayer that you begin each day with, please share it below because I would love to be inspired and see where your heart is each day! Have a great day!



Kyla’s Morning Prayer

     Dear Lord,

     Thank you for this brand new day and for this time that I get to spend focused on you. This              morning,

  • I pray for comfort and alleviation of pain, numbness, and tingling in my back, leg, and foot. I pray that I will not let this discomfort distract me from you or take away from this special time.
  • I pray for focus as I open my heart to your Word and voice. 
  • I pray for clarity and that you will illuminate what you want me to learn from you today.
  • I place my life at your feet. While I may stumble throughout the day, let me not lose sight of this important moment of surrender.
  • Please change the way that I think, filling my mind with things that are pleasing and honoring to you, and align my thoughts with your plan for my life.
  •  Please refine my heart amidst the trials that I am facing. Let them not pull me away from you or harden my heart but rather soften it. Please move into those spaces of pain and brokenness, filling them with your love.
  • Please give me vision and perspective as I consider your Word today.


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