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For the Heart, Goals

January 12, 2014

2014 Vision – Revised

Good Afternoon Friends! I have been enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon and revising my vision for 2014. I am two days into my first analog weekend and I am soaking up this time away from social media. I am getting ready to set my goals for the year so I wanted to polish up the work that I have done so far. Enjoy!

My Faith

  • Open my Bible everyday, dig for truths, absorb them, and apply them. Seek wisdom.
  • Make God my core and continue to ask Him to change my heart and mind. I want these roots to be so deep that storms and burdens cannot shake this.
  • Make sure to guard my heart and set it in the right direction. Be aware of this.
  • Serve God and others
  • Be faithful and fervent in prayer.
  • Be still and wait upon the Lord.



  • Continue to grow, do not become complacent. Be patient as God changes my heart and mind.
  • Regain life and function – minimize limitations. Get my life back. Start living fully. In the meantime, apply myself where I can right now. Find the areas were I am able and run with them.
  • Define my responsibilities and fulfill them.
  • Focus + direction + intention = clarity. Work.
  • Practice gratitude and find contentment. Don’t dwell on the negatives.
  • Do not let my emotions get out of control or cloud my judgement.
  • Give my best each day, even if that means surrendering it all to God and resting in His presence. Put one foot in front of the other and rest in God’s grace when I’m in the thick of it.
  • Explore and do more.



  • Speak life
    • Be a Godly example
    • Inspire others
    • Encourage others
    • Lift others up in prayer
    • Motivate others to dig deeper in their faith and work with those seeds that are planted.
  • Be mindful of influence, both from me and into me.
  • More real conversation, less texting and social media.
  • Love others more fully, notice and appreciate the unique gifts that God gave them. Tell them.
  • Regularly set aside quality time with loved ones, especially my grandparents.
  • Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.



  • Continue to practice and grow as a designer. Use and apply the creative ambition within myself.
  • Explore and expand upon the idea of selling physical items.
  • Blog regularly
  • Work on Vision boards and professional Pinterest


  • Take initiative and responsibility with my health.
  • Eat cleaner and eat for well-being. Make realistic adjustments and practice self-discipline.
    • Drink lots of clean water
    • Eat fruits and vegetables
    • Be aware and mindful about what I am putting into my body.



  • Take good care of what has been entrusted to me. Be a good steward of time and resources.
  • Control clutter and simplify.

Don’t for a second think that I will get anywhere without God and by my own merit. I won’t.

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