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January 17, 2014

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Good Morning friends! With a warm mug of coffee beside me and country music gracing the room, I surely am excited about this post! Ever since I was a little girl, I have had an interest in weddings. I used to organize frequent ‘pretend weddings’ for the neighborhood children when I was little, complete with bouquets of handpicked wildflowers and the prettiest dress-up pieces I could get my seven-year-old hands on. Now that I am in my early twenties, I have a deeper appreciation for the meaning behind weddings and the two hearts knit together at the alter – alongside the beautiful and elegant details that I have always loved. I recently discovered Southern Weddings magazine and it really drew my passion up to the surface. Getting a copy of the magazine for myself was very exciting, as it is a precious jewel to my New England self who dreams of moving South once my back has healed. Between their mission and values, the team family of talented women behind it, the beautiful editorials, and the overall aesthetic that graces each page, I am absolutely smitten. I want to be part of it someday. In my first post, I shared the reason why I am not on the traditional college route. I understand that my lack of a degree right now is likely to be a professional roadblock, so I have been praying and asking God for guidance and clarity on determining the next steps with my education.  In the meantime, I have decided to take action on my dreams by doing what I can do right now to work towards them. I have since started a special Pinterest account to collect and organize wedding details that I adore. This little labor of love has been helpful in educating myself about weddings and seeing the beautiful trends that are popular and beloved by brides. 

Today I will share a collection of treasures that I have recently gathered. As I shape, develop, and refine this blog, I am hoping to implement more posts like this. You will find ideas and products that are old, new, borrowed, and blue – and treasures that struck a heart string for me along my virtual travels. Enjoy!

Engraved Wood Coasters by Morgann Hill Designs

These coasters are just darling. They would add character and warmth to reception tables, but they would also make a personalized gift for the bride and groom. I would love to give these to a happy couple, tied up in a beautiful bow alongside some nice glasses and a bottle of something special, like pomegranate lemonade.

 A beautiful bouquet made by a bride from beloved brooches

 This idea is so unique and it worked seamlessly into this beautiful wedding. This special day was shared a couple months ago by Ashley, one of my favorite bloggers. The details and ideas of this wedding have stuck in my mind since I first swooned over them in November.

Darling favors that are sweet as honey

As I was working on my wedding boards the other day, I was listening to “Southern Girl” by Mr Tim McGraw. As he mentioned “kisses sweeter than tupelo honey,” I thought of how sweet it would be to give little honey favors to guests, especially at a summer wedding. Sure enough, I typed ‘honey wedding favors’ into Google and several example popped up! I really like this one, with the snippets of fabric and the kraft paper tags with twine.

 Delicate doilies

I really enjoy styling delicate items with more rustic pieces. When I first saw these, I imagined them on a rustic wood farm table, along with a beautiful china pattern, mason jars glowing with tea lights, and a polished set of silver. I think these doilies are very pretty and they are offered in a variety of sizes and soft colors.

 Beribboned drink stirrers

These drink stirrers are adorable. They would look so pretty in glasses of water with lemon wedges on a warm wedding day. They just so happen to be from the Etsy shop of the creative director at Southern Weddings, Emily Thomas. She’s also from New England like me, so I felt an instant bond when I read about her story and her move to the South after college.

I hope y’all enjoyed my first collection of wedding-themed lovelies. Have a wonderful weekend!



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