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For the Heart

January 29, 2014

The Hard Days

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!
This week got off to a rough start for me. As somebody who gets very excited about the start of a new year and the newness that comes with it, I feel as though I took the first few weeks of January by storm. After three solid months of my back injury being a nearly constant struggle, I was ready to focus my attention on other things this month and it worked! By intentionally working towards the things that matter most to me, I was able to restore a feeling of purpose and direction. Through faith I watched God answer prayers and change my heart and mind, which was the best part of this month.

As with many new and exciting things, the novelty often wears off over time. I think of the October of a new school year, a new book that is no longer crisp and pristine, a stain on a new carpet, a scratch on a new car door, and so on. It’s not that things lose heart-value, but the clutter and messes of life begins to mix with the good stuff and then it gets confusing. I experienced a big helping of that over the past few days, as the newness of the year wore off. I was suddenly unmotivated to design or write, I let a few pieces of clutter take residence on my floor, I started worrying about my back injury again, and consequently began to doubt all of the progress that had been made within me.

Rather than wallow and count myself defeated, I waited out the storm, so to speak. I watched a movie, read, and lightened up on myself for a couple of days. I didn’t put the pressure on myself to write, create, or accomplish a long to-do list because I knew that I needed to rest. I had grown a bit weary again and I needed to give myself some room to b r e a t h e. While there will be days where you need to find full restoration, there will also be days where a quick refresher is enough to keep moving. I really appreciated the timing of this post by Emily Ley. She encourages making the most of five minutes. I think about how many times I’ve closed a book or put down my pen because I felt as though the well of inspiration or motivation had dried up for the day. From now on, rather than give up I want to take a break when needed, but then return to my work and keep pressing on towards what matters and – most importantly- pressing into Jesus. It can will be uncomfortable at times to keep moving when you feel like you have run out of energy, but there is a great reward in persistence and discipline. Being able to discern when enough is enough will take time and practice, but it is certainly a good habit to develop.

A new home would not be experienced if you tip-toed through it out of fear of making a mess. The adventures within the pages of a new book would not be enjoyed if you are too afraid of creasing the cover or bending a couple of pages. A house would never amount from a pile of studs if the contractors were too afraid of making a mistake. No art would be made if paints were never opened, and books would not be written if the author gave up after the first few pages.

It is okay to make mistakes, interrupt momentum, or have days where you would rather relax instead of accomplishing something huge. There will be days when projects will be completed and you will reap the benefits of a  job well done, but there will also be days where doing what you can do and leaving the rest up to God is more than enough.

Take a moment to breathe, be present, and enjoy this day.



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