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daily life



Daily Life

March 14, 2014


Eager to start writing here regularly again.

Grateful for the strides being made in my recovery, new orders in my shop, and watching my gas gauge fall a bit more each day as I enjoy driving again.

Praying over my goals for this season, which I intend to share here next week.

Contemplating a spur the moment trip to Charleston.

Enjoying walking outside, great conversation, and watercolor painting.

Celebrating new friendships, slightly warmer weather, an extra hour of daylight in the evening, and starting physical therapy.

Excited for the last of the steri-strips to fall off of my incision so I can watch it heal.

Embracing adventures, especially spontaneous ones because they are the best.

Having fun gathering supplies and ideas for my first Project Life album. I have the first ten weeks of the year to catch up on!

Sipping warm pumpkin coffee with vanilla cream, because it’s equally delicious in March as it is in October. It’s actually rather room temperature at the moment but it’s yummy nonetheless.

Joyful and loving every bit of it.

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