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For the Heart

March 18, 2014

Grateful For

Freshly baked bread and bowls full of warm soup

Two of my dearest friends moving to New Hampshire and becoming even more closely knit into the fabric of our community here

Late night fellowship in the warm atmosphere of my friends’ home – and M&Ms

Quiet time for praying out loud while driving

Butterflies in my stomach – the good kind

New music to appreciate and enjoy

A trip to Trader Joe’s planned for tomorrow

Weeks of rest and adventure that lie ahead

A heart full of passions and hopes and ideas

My healing body that is able to do more with each new day, such as sitting comfortably

My dear friend who, in just a few months of friendship, has become my sister

Friends who inspire me to grow and chase the things in my heart

A new couch that is being delivered tomorrow where I can read and rest

Consecutive days of sunshine


Ending today with a heart that’s filled to the brim with good things

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