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For the Heart

March 19, 2014

My Heart Might Just Burst

Good Morning Friends,
Last night was so lovely and so necessary for where I am at right now. I am part of a young women’s small group at church that meets for a couple of hours every Tuesday night. In our six months of meeting, my small group sisters have become some of my dearest friends. We’ve become a family that encourages each other as we walk through life seeking God and His will for our lives.

Last night we enjoyed an evening of learning about art and beauty. One of my dear friends guided us through a discussion about being God’s art, masterpiece, and poetry. It was a special night that left my heart feeling full and my perspective feeling clearer than it has in a while. One of our discussion points was to think about a time or moment when we felt totally alive. In a matter of a few seconds I had multiple moments coming to mind, and they have all taken place within the past few weeks.

After months of being restricted by my old back pain, I felt like I had missed out on lots of things I would have liked to do. I have a heart for adventure and soaking up the world around me. That heart of mine went through a few rough months of oppression as I thought about the things that I was missing out on as I was weighed down by my body’s limitations. Now, not even four weeks out of surgery, I have already been able to visit quite a few of the places that had been on my heart in the fall. I have enjoyed moments of being surrounded by fresh air and nature and its been lovely and freeing.

Now that I am living without that old pain, I am enjoying things in a new way. My ‘camera roll’ album is filled with pictures of nearly every sunset that has taken place over the past month. I have become a girl who photographs her shoes as she’s standing in new places. I think it’s something about documenting the steps I’m taking in this new season of life. Mornings and evenings make my heart soar, with their quietness as the sky warms and is streaked with oranges and pinks. Driving brings me joy, whether it be on a pretty back road or stuck in traffic on the highway. Blankets seem cozier, environments feel warmer, and fellowship is sweeter. After not being able to fully enjoy things for a while, everything seems to be a bit bigger and brighter and dear to my heart now.

If this recovery has taught me anything about myself, it’s that my perspective on life and living it fully has shifted into a really great place.¬†While my heart has been filling up on all of this goodness, I think it might just burst. I’m not taking a moment of this season for granted.


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