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daily life



Daily Life

March 26, 2014

Grateful For

The warm cup of ginger pear tea that I am currently sipping

A stack of books that I gathered from the library today

Seeing a shooting star a few nights ago

Fellowship and the growing sense of community in my life

Being able to lift my foot to the third stair in PT and being able to sit with my legs out straight in front of me

An adventure that I get to look forward to on Friday night

The desire to read

Quality time spent with Grammy and Tappy on Monday

A game night that I get to look forward to on Saturday night

Those good butterflies in my stomach that are pleasantly persistent these days

A summer job that is already lined up

A Facetime date with one of my sweet friends-but-nearly-sisters tomorrow afternoon

Three months of financial provision and stability despite not having a job

A potential mid-west road trip with two of my dear friends in the near future


The ever-growing joy that has taken up residence within my heart over the past month.

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