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For the Heart

May 23, 2014

Be Present

There are thirty minutes left in my flight. Two thoughts have stuck with me while I’ve been on this plane: be present, and align my heart with God’s.
Since flying is one of my most favorite things to do, I don’t want to land quite yet. That thought is what provoked me to be present. Whether you are heading into the office for another day of work or embarking on an adventure today, be present. Days pass all too quickly when we are wrapped up in social media, staring back at the past, or fixated on mundane problems that pop up throughout our lives. I am resolving to be entirely present this weekend and to enjoy the adventures that lie within the next three days.

My second thought came after seeing my pastor’s status on Facebook. I am often seeking my own desires and following my own agenda. Whether we intend to pave our own way or not, we often seek our own plans instead of His. I want to become more intentional about prayerfully aligning my heart with His. When we are seeking His heart and His plan, we absolutely cannot fail.

We are beginning our decent now so it’s time to sign off. Make today a lovely one 🙂


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