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May 23, 2014


Chicago has been real. My plane landed a bit after 7:30am and I parted ways with my seacoast friends in pursuit of my luggage. Fortunately, I was reunited with my bag almost immediately at baggage claim 6. In order to retreive my bag, I had to leave the festive foodcourt/giftshop-esque part of the airport in favor of the benches on the pre-security concourse. I made myself at home and took advantage of the 20 minutes of free wifi, then continued reading more of my Elisabeth Elliot book. Around quarter to nine my dear friend Sam arrived with her sweet sister-in-law and we parked the car to take the L to downtown Chicago. 

Mail Attachment-7

The L ride was an experience. Sam and I were discussing rings and such when a shy guy asked us various questions about engagement rings and proposals. He then took a phone call, answering “Hey Fat Boy!” which inspired the nickname that I used to refer to him the rest of the day. He seemed genuinely interested in our opinions and it was endearing to think of him preparing for his own proposal. 

After a few wrong turns, we made it to Millennium Park. The Bean was beautiful and shiny and kind of made my head hurt. It was really neat. As we walked downtown, I was looking upward at all of the tall buildings and trying to find the former Sears Tower, aka the Willis tower. Every building that I mistook for it, I called ‘baby Willis’. I kept looking up and all around because I didn’t want to miss anything. I’m thankful for the gorgeous weather that we had, as the sky was clear and the air was comfortable. 

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On our way back to the L, we spotted a Chik-Fil-A on the corner near the Chicago theater. There was a consensus that we should eat there, so we did. My order was mixed up a bit, so the kind Chik-Fil-A man gave me an extra sandwich and refunded me for the first. Yay for two free sandwiches. We gave the extra sandwich to a gentleman outside and then made our way to the L. 

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During the train ride on the way back to the car, we were joking around and such. A woman who was sitting beside us joined in and we all laughed together. The people are kind here.

As I finish this post, I am sitting in the backseat of the car and watching the Chicago skyline shrink into the distance. For somebody who only slept 2 hours last night, I am having a lovely and full day. 

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