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daily life



Daily Life

August 7, 2014

I’m going back to school!

You guys!! I’m going to be a student this fall! While many of you know that it is my dream to work in a creative job, my journey to getting there has been marked by overwhelming tuition statements, lack of local accredited programs, and an injury thrown into the middle of it. Switching career paths has been an adventure and I have learned so much from it! My two years of nursing school were just sitting there on a transcript with nothing formal to show for it. Recently I started looking into design programs in the state that has captivated me for the past eight months: North Carolina. The design program at NC State is comprehensive and full of the material that I am most interested in. Applying to it is something that I want to pray through and consider, as it would be a grand adventure and a huge step in the direction of my goals. If I am to apply to the graphic design program there, they only accept applicants for the fall semester, with the deadline being November 1st. Rather than take an additional entire year away from school, I decided to apply to locally complete an associates degree over the next three months. Fortunately I am able to do that with just two courses because of the 62 credit hours completed as a nursing student.

Last week I decided to take action on that goal and apply for re-admittance at my initial university to continue my studies for fall semester, even though the deadline for admissions was six weeks prior. My parents have always taught me that ‘it never hurts to ask’, so I drove to the admissions office last Thursday and told them my plan, despite having passed the cut-off by a huge margin. I poured my heart out to the admissions member, sharing my dreams and how I intend to get there. While she was enthusiastic about making it happen, ultimately the decision was up to the admissions council. I waited patiently over the past week and then today I received my acceptance letter in the mail. I’m really excited to get back into the classroom and accomplish this step towards the big picture of my goals! God is good and I am grateful for this opportunity 🙂

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