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Daily Life

August 18, 2014

The time my car broke down

Happy Monday friends! 

Yesterday started off as a normal Sunday morning. I drank my coffee, put on my sundress, and got into my car to make the twenty-five minute drive to church. The sun was shining, the country station was on, and all seemed well until my car suddenly stopped. It just died, completely. My first action was to turn on my hazard lights, but when I pressed the button nothing happened. My car had gone from a functioning vehicle to a shell of metal in a matter of seconds. My brain instantly thought of the worst case scenario: My car is completely dead and this is going to cost a fortune.

Fortunately, I was ninety seconds from home and my family and I had taken separate cars to church. They happened to be riding in the minivan about thirty seconds behind me on the same road. My dad and Tappy (my grandfather) jumped into action and knew exactly what steps to take. We popped the hood and found a very corroded battery that had acid on its terminals. Apparently the average lifespan of a battery in a car like mine is four and a half years. My battery is 55 months old, so its demise was right on schedule.

Tappy stayed with my car while my dad and I (along with my mom, grammy, and brother) went to retrieve baking soda, water, and paper towels from my house. When we returned to the car, Tappy made a mixture from the ingredients and poured it over my battery to neutralize the acid. We were hoping to be able to clean the battery and restore a charge that would revive the car without any expense, but the battery was finished. 

As if out of a movie, a AAA mechanic pulled up beside me and said that he lived in the house that my car broke down in front of. He performed a few tests and concluded that surely the battery was dead and needed replacement. Conveniently enough, he had batteries there on the spot and gave me the member discount, even though I do not have AAA.  

The moral of the story: take a deep breath and learn from life’s bumps in the road (or its abrupt stops). I’m blessed that my family was there and that a kind AAA mechanic was willing to help out in a big way. I also learned the importance of having an emergency fund for my car. One hour and $114 later, I happily drove away to church to shadow somebody on our production team (something I’ve been really enjoying being a part of). Overall, it was a happy Sunday!

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