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November 7, 2014

Inspired By: The Peach Truck

I have a deep appreciation for good branding and I take great delight in companies that have a personal story behind them and are well-represented visually. I do not think branding has to be profoundly clever or complicated, as the best representation of a brand can often be achieved through simplicity and thoughtfulness. When we meet somebody for the first time, we like to put our best foot forward and make a positive impression. I believe that the same goes for a brand in their relationship with a client. Solid branding has the ability to draw people in and win them over, whereas weak branding can result in them turning away without learning more about a product or service.
With my heart for design, I would like to explore some examples of branding that I appreciate through a series that I’ve titled ‘Branding Done Well’. I will structure it with a brief introduction to the company, a look at their logo, a snapshot of their website, and some of my thoughts on their branding. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my style. I don’t have an affiliation with any of the brands featured, but rather I chose them because they’ve caught my eye and are worth sharing. Without further ado, enjoy the first installation of this series.

The Peach Truck

Based out of Nashville, The Peach Truck takes fresh Georgia peaches from farm to porch. It was founded by a couple who share their feel-good love story in the ‘about’ section of their website, explaining how it inspired the premise of their company.  I had seen glimpses of The Peach Truck on Instagram and in one of the latest Southern Weddings editorials, but I was unsure of what it was exactly. After doing a little research, I now have a sweet spot for their story and simple design. With a few clicks around their website, it becomes clear that they have put heart and thought into their brand and are passionate about what they do.


I like how they incorporated their love story into the founding of their company and the way that creates a special foundation for their service. In addition to providing peach delivery, they share recipes on their website, along with information about different types of peaches and how to preserve them. Those features help their branding to feel thoughtful and heartfelt. Their logo is simple, with an emphasis on typography and a feeling of nostalgia. Their website design is clean and simple, keeping the focus on the product and not detracting from the story upon which the brand was established.


Who doesn’t love taking a bite out of a fresh peach or fixing it into a delicious little cobbler? I just might have to order some next time they are in season!

find them here, branding by Land & Sea Co

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