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November 17, 2014

Inspiration Board No. 1: Apartment Ideas

After a twelve hour car ride, my mom and I arrived home from North Carolina late last night. While I would love to take this morning to recap my trip with all of the lovely details and memories that I brought home with me, I’m still feeling a bit foggy from travel, Cheerwine, and the cold New England rain that greeted me this morning. In the meantime, I will let y’all know that absolutely loved North Carolina and can envision myself making my home there. It would be a bold move for me to uproot everything and relocate to a new place, but it is something that I want to cover in prayer over the next few months because I think it might be where God is leading me to be.
On my first morning in North Carolina while my mom rested, I borrowed the car and drove to visit one of the apartment complexes that I had researched prior to my trip. When I arrived, I was amazed to find that it was even cuter in person than the website had portrayed it to be. I took the opportunity to meet with one of the staff members who gave me a tour of one of the units. While it is likely that I would visit and consider several other apartments prior to making such a big move, the apartment I toured had many of the features that I would like my living space to have: big windows with lots of natural light, a safe and convenient location, an area where I can establish a workspace, and more. It got me thinking about how I would like to decorate my first apartment if and when I have one. I created an inspiration board with some of my favorite ideas. Enjoy!


sources: workspace, seasoning labels, kitchen, chair, welcome mat, bedding, wallpaper, state print, monogram

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