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November 29, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

With the Christmas season now in full swing, today I am sharing my Christmas list with y’all. Now that I am older, I am past the days of making a Christmas list and sending it along to my parents (and Santa, of course). So think of this as more of a wish list of gifts I would buy for myself if I was on less of a tight budget. Over the past year, I have simplified and tackled quite a bit of clutter and excess. With that in mind, I chose items that are purposeful and inspirational to me and would be positive additions to my life as I enter 2015.  Enjoy!



Gold Stripes Phone Case // Rifle Paper Company – This year I have tried to avoid buying anything unnecessary. That has meant holding out on purchasing items that I want and instead utilizing the things I already own. For that reason, my current phone case was purchased on clearance from  J. Crew over a year ago and it has anchors on it. It’s cute, but I would prefer an updated style that is more seasonally appropriate, like this gold stripes case. (I have a sweet spot for gold foil, if you couldn’t tell :))

Subscription to Southern Living Magazine – Last year, one of my dear friends surprised me with the gift of a 2014 subscription to Southern Living magazine. It has since become one of my favorite surprises to find in the mailbox each month. The content is beautiful and full of Southern inspiration that fills my heart to the brim. Since my subscription ends in December, I would like to renew it for myself and keep the goodness coming.

Prayer Journal // Val Marie Paper – I purchased one of these darling journals as a post-surgery gift for myself last February. Since then, I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Valerie a few times. I have developed a love for her company and the special role her designs have played in my life this year. While this journal is not necessary for a strong and intentional prayer life, I have found mine to bring focus and direction to my time in prayer. I like to keep mine tucked into my bag so that it is not only accessible during my quiet time but also in the midst of a busy day. Mine is filled up and I would like to start the new year off with this new one in sea salt blue.

Amen Print // Lara Casey – In the thick of my injury last winter, I told myself that I would buy this print ‘if and when’ God healed my back. I was seeing things through a lens of pain and discouragement and I had a distorted view of worship, seeing it as something to be done when God had done something big in my life. Nearly a year later, I have learned that there is plenty to praise God for every moment of everyday, in both the good times and the bad. He is always at work in our lives and for that reason I want to lift up a resounding ‘Amen, hallelujah, thank you Lord,’ to Him everyday. This print holds a special spot in my heart and I would like to place it on my wall to remind myself of the lessons He has taught me and the beautiful work that only He can do.

Simplified Planner // Emily Ley – Of all the planners I have ever looked at, this one seems to fit my mission the most. It is special and it is designed with joy and simplicity in mind. The 2015 Simplified Planners were released in September but I have yet to purchase one due to my budget. However, Emily has announced that she will be offering a few ‘perfectly imperfect’ ones for sale on Monday morning. I am going to log onto her website bright and early and see if I can purchase one of those for myself, as it will still serve the same purpose for me even if it has a little flaw or two. We shall see!

Cream Ballet Flats // Tieks – I am a flats girl, through and through. I wear ballet flats almost every day and I find that the most comfortable ones I own are pricier but worth the investment. These neutral lovelies would fit well with my style and translate appropriately into each season of the year.

PowerSheets & Make It Happen Book // Lara Casey –  If you have big goals and dreams, Lara’s PowerSheets can help you set them into action. Her system of goal setting is incredibly effective and it is remarkable to see how much you can achieve by working on your goals little by little. While she generously shares a lot of her wisdom and goal setting guidance on her blog, there is something powerful about putting pen to paper and having a visual representation of what you would like to achieve. This product helps to accomplish that. I really look up to Lara and I have a deep respect for the work she does. She wrote a book this year, which is to be released on December 30th. I am really excited to read it, as I know it was a true labor of love for her.

Gold Monogram Mug // Anthropologie – I really enjoy sipping my coffee and tea out of cute mugs, and this gold foil one is adorable. I own it in the original black and white style, but this limited edition one would make a lovely edition to my collection.

North Carolina Necklace // Dogeared – My dearest friends and family know that I have a burden for North Carolina on my heart. I am prayerfully considering picking up my life and moving there next year and I am excited to hopefully gain clarity and wisdom on that over the next few months. This necklace would be a precious reminder for me of the trip my mom and I took and the way I loved it there.

Floral Stationary // Rifle Paper Company – I have a great appreciation for handwritten notes. This stationary is just my style and would be put to good use through my love for sending mail to dear friends and loved ones. The personalized set is quite pricey, but they offer some pretty styles that are less expensive too.

Monogram Clutch // Marley Lilly – I prefer carrying a clutch over carrying a large bag. They are lighter, fun to hold, and look simple and chic. I have a smaller monogram clutch from Marley Lilly that I use almost everyday, but this one has more room and would be put to good use as my go-to accessory.

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