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December 2, 2014

Inspiration Board No. 4: Whimsical Cotton Candy Pink Wedding

Since I have recently taking a liking to dreaming up weddings and creating inspiration boards to reflect those ideas, I thought it would be fun to design imaginary weddings for some of my dear friends. This first board is inspired my one of my best friends who loves life, Rhode Island, vintage bikes, Taylor Swift, cozy sweaters, cotton candy, and hiking. She’s the hardest working student that I know, aspiring to one day become a pediatrician. Even though she isn’t planning to get married for a long time, I dreamed up this whimsical wedding with her sweet personality in mind. I think it suits her well. Enjoy!


The day would take place in the summer at a cottage-style waterfront home in the coastal town of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Her family has a tradition of gathering for a vacation week in Rhode Island each summer, so the location would be perfectly infused with sentimentality and heritage. The ceremony would take place overlooking the ocean. While sticking to a delicate and feminine style, bridesmaids would choose their dresses individually, with consistency in the color. The decor would feel warm, sweet and whimsical. At dust the guests could gather just steps away from the home for a reception with a backyard feel. To honor her love for dancing and celebrating, there would be a big space strung with white market lights where family and friends can dance beneath the stars.  Since she did not have a specific color palette in mind, I chose blush as the main color, with turquoise, red, and orange as accents. Extra personal touches would include beautiful blooms in the basket of her vintage bike, as well guests being served some of her favorite sweet treats after the meal: cotton candy and glass bottles of coke. I hope you enjoyed!

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