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December 3, 2014

Inspired By: Molly Jacques

When creating or looking at a design, I tend to notice typography and lettering first. Lettering is one of my favorite design elements and it has many applications.  Over this past summer, I invested some time in learning the basics of modern calligraphy and have since discovered the work of several lettering designers that I really enjoy.
Today I would like to introduce you to the lovely lettering work of Molly Jacques.

Based in Michigan, Molly’s work has been featured across many platforms, including Martha Stewart Weddings, the New York Times, and products for the Everygirl shop, to name a few. She teaches a calligraphy workshop and has designed several fonts, which are available for purchase online.

I think her designs are beautiful. Below are some examples of the ways that her work has been implemented into various aspects of stationery suites and wedding elements. Enjoy!

For brides who are interested in working with a calligrapher for their stationery suite, Molly shares her suggestions in this helpful blog post. For those who would like to take a DIY approach to their invitations, Molly offers the Blushing Wedding Suite, a package with beautiful lettering graphics that can be incorporated into paper products for the wedding (available for purchase here). She also shares a tutorial on her website that guides brides through a process for lettering envelopes with a metallic sharpie.

I hope you enjoyed this lettering feature! There will certainly be more to come in the future.


Biographical Information – Molly Jacques

Photos (top to bottom): Walter Foster, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Paper Crave, Once Wed, Molly Jacques


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