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Daily Life

December 8, 2014

Hooray for Monday

It’s 8:30am and this Monday is already fixing to be a successful one. In hopes of purchasing a perfectly imperfect Simplified Planner, I poured a cup of coffee and powered up my laptop a few minutes before the sale started. My first choice was the navy dot edition and I am happy to report that I was able to buy it! It should be arriving to me later this week and I am excited to start writing tasks of purpose and intention within the pages.

As this new week begins and we collectively blink the sleep from our eyes, I think it will be fun to share a couple tidbits about me.

1. I really like letterpress and it is an art that I would love to learn. When done well, it can bring an added dimension of quality to a piece of stationery. One of my favorite features of the College of Design at NC State is that they have a letterpress in their materials lab. There is a lovely letterpress boutique in one of my favorite coastal towns and I would love to shadow them for a day and learn their process.

2. I have wanted a monogram floppy hat for quite some time. My entire family is going on a cruise to Bermuda in May and I think that will be the perfect opportunity to buy and wear one.

3. Euroflap envelopes are my favorite. They look elegant and their shape is great for embellishing with an envelope liner. I really enjoy sending mail and would love to have them in every color and size.

4. In an effort to cut back on processed foods and sugars, I am currently drinking my coffee black. I did this for much of 2013 without fail, so I have hopes that it will be sustainable this time around.

5. This weekend I started learning to shoot manual with a lens camera. One of my sweet friends is a wedding photographer and is teaching me her ways. I am grateful for this opportunity to grow my creative skill set!

Photo Source: Emily Ley


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