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December 11, 2014

Inspired: Trimming the Tree

Christmas is two weeks from today, y’all! I have a six foot Christmas tree in my bedroom and, as I write this, I am enjoying the warmth and glow that it brings to the room. My full-size-room-tree tradition was established during my senior year of high school and has remained a seasonal favorite of mine for the past five years. It’s a humble little artificial tree that I found in our basement a few years ago and have since adopted as my own. While it spends most of the year tucked away in a box, it is quite a spectacle during it’s prime month of the year. Once I unpack its pieces, the branches are attached one-by-one (this gives it character).  After it is fluffed and shaped, I string it with vintage-style warm-white bulbs, wrap it with burlap and lace ribbon for garland, and top it with strings of craft pearls.  I then add handmade burlap bows, sparkly snowflakes, and an array of red and gold ball ornaments. The entire look is completed by a piece of red and white chevron duck cloth that serves as a tree skirt. It suits me and my room and I am grateful for the extra Christmas cheer that it adds to December for me. In the spirit of tree trimming, I have gathered some images that evoke feelings of festivity during this jolly time of year.

via M. Klasan

via Freutcake

via Lindsay Letters

via Classy Girls Wear Pearls

via The Everygirl


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