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December 15, 2014

Dreamy Ideas: Coffee Barn Bookhouse

I really like barns, especially repurposed ones. Their rustic appeal makes them charming. Over this past summer, I would drive by a perfect little barn on one of the scenic roads that winds through Francestown, New Hampshire. It has a beautiful, billowy American flag hanging vertically above the front doors and I have determined that it is my favorite barn in the area.

I have a dream of someday opening a coffee barn bookhouse. I am not much of a reader, but it is an idea that I thought of during this past spring and I have since envisioned many details of what it would be like. As a space where friends and neighbors could gather to delight in fellowship and community, there would be a big fireplace, tall windows, comfy chairs, a loft, and a big bookshelf to serve as a lending library. The shelves of books would encourage growth, provoke thought, and take readers on new adventures. People could donate copies of their favorites and in turn could borrow a title whenever they liked. I imagine lots of loved-on pages with notes in the margins. Somewhere in the space there would be a basket full of maps, old and new, to celebrate where people have been and to inspire new places for them to go. No matter where they came from, visitors would feel at home there. Additionally, there would be a garden outside, supplying freshly cut blooms to add extra cheer to the environment. There would be offerings for coffee and tea drinkers alike and we would serve the best hot cocoa in the county to those with a sweet tooth. Perhaps someday I will take this dream of mine and make it happen. Until then, I will keep on dreaming up delightful details.

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