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December 22, 2014

Inspired By: Birchbox

I have a deep appreciation for good design. I created this Branding Done Well series in an effort to expand my creative horizons and glean wisdom on the process of branding.  I hope this series will benefit both designers and business owners alike, inspiring them to develop a strong brand and great design to support it.

Source: Red Antler

Birchbox is a company that offers a monthly subscription service of premium beauty samples delivered straight to your doorstep in a pretty and polished package. Combining whimsical lettering with bold simplicity, I find their branding and graphics to be swoon-worthy.

Birchbox launched a brand refresh in mid 2013, nearly three years after the company was first established.  In this blog post, Jess Williams, the creative director of Birchbox, shared that the reasons behind the rebrand were to:

  • enhance that Birchbox feeling
  • help strengthen all our core elements
  • create a united vision

Further, she said, “We wanted to bring our look up to speed with our brand, and to reflect everything we stand for: discovery, fun, authenticity, and an unwavering commitment to our customers. For those design nerds out there (hi friends!), you’ll see typography mixing, saturated pops of color, collaged graphics, bold patterns, quirky icons, and lifestyle photography that all embrace this new direction.”

Source: Red Antler

Designers and business-owners alike can appreciate that approach. I believe that a brand should be a consistent reflection of a product and the mission behind it. Birchbox does this very well. The combination of colors, patterns, and type are eye-catching, with each element complementing the others. The branding design was done by Red Antler, a branding company based out of Brooklyn, New York. “Birchbox is all about delivering high touch experiences, so we built patterns and textures that highlight the brand’s richness and tactility,” they explained here. Further, “We created a set of icons and patterns that bring to life the brand’s whimsical and fun-filled personality.”

Source: Red Antler

At first glance, you might think that their design has a lot going on. What makes it great is the versatility of the elements, translating well through their market. This is important because Birchbox operates out of the United States, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, serving both men and women. The icons lend themselves to working well with their diverse collection of products, the type is neat and interesting, and the colors are fresh. Armin of the Brand New blog reviewed the brand and shared his thoughts here, saying “The visual language and the secondary marks are what gives this redesign life and a consistent voice. The patterns and icons are nothing revolutionary on their own but together they help establish a fun, almost giddy aesthetic for Birchbox.”


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