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For the Heart

December 23, 2014

Let’s Reach, Friends

“For me, the huge hurdle we face is, ‘seems out of reach.’ In cultures and economies with rapid change there are huge opportunities, but too many people talk themselves out of reaching, aren’t thirsty enough to take a leap.” – Seth Godin in his recent post, The Meritocracy Trap 
I recently started following Seth Godin’s blog and these words spoke directly to where I’m at today. I currently have nine tabs open on my computer and so many ideas teeming around in my brain. 2015 is nine days away and I have lots of goals and ideas for the year ahead. There are opportunities that I hope to have and work that I plan to accomplish. There were many times this year where I could have rolled up my sleeves and found growth from the tasks before me, but I was often too discouraged by the size of them to begin.

When we are overwhelmed by tasks and projects that seem daunting, it can be quite easy to get stuck where we are. When we are stuck, we can get comfortable there and inadvertently set our dreams up on a shelf. As time passes, dust can accumulate on those dreams and they become difficult to see, or worse, we forget that they are there. Instead, let’s face the seemingly daunting tasks and see them for what they really are. Seth’s words put this into perspective for me: if you are thirsty enough for something, you will take the leap. You will stop talking yourself out of reaching.

Let’s reach, friends.


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