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January 12, 2015

What I’m Saying “Yes” to in 2015

As I work through Lara Casey’s 2015 Goal Setting Series, I am sharing pieces of my progress and my heart for the year ahead with y’all. Each time I have sat down with my PowerSheets, I have met resistance in the form of self-doubt and fear of what I might be called to do. I have big huge dreams on my heart and I am trying to hold onto them loosely so that I can keep my hands open to whatever God may call me to because His plans might be different than my own. On Saturday morning, I grabbed my pen and began working on the list of things I am saying “yes” and “no” to in 2015. It was tough, but I tried to remember that I am not doing this alone and I envisioned God working on the list with me. As soon as I put pen to paper, the thoughts started to flow. I’m so thankful for the way that He kneels down closely to me in those moments, guiding me and revealing things I wouldn’t see on my own. I am sharing the “yes” list with you and doing a happy dance for making it this far on the road to setting solid, prayerful goals for the year. Yay!

Daily, carved-out, set-aside, protected time with God

Eating for energy, wellness, and nourishment

Listening to and encouraging others

Being brave and taking leaps of faith

Consistency with blogging

Prioritizing saving instead of spending

Seizing opportunities instead of letting them slip

Continual, incremental, patient growth

Temporary discomfort in favor of good change

Remembering that if God leads me to something, He will equip me for it

Being genuine, authentic, and real always

Doing the good work that’s laid out for me

Real rest

Having a grateful heart and practicing gratitude

Regular, heart-pumping exercise

Lots of prayer

Discipline in favor of growth

Listening to God instead of talking at Him

Scheduling regular time to recharge

Order, simplicity, and good stewardship of the spaces I have been given

Breaking down walls instead of living in their shadows

Stepping into maturity

Part one | Part two


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