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April 27, 2015

Things that Quiet My Heart

After sharing my I’m-in-a-funk-and-things-are-kind-of-weird feelings with you last week, I ended up coming down with a rough head cold that is still running its course. With my cold came an excessive amount of time laying in bed and lots of time to think. I feel like my mind hardly ever takes a rest, which led me to reflect on this list. I had originally titled this post “Things that Anchor Me”, until I thought about how God is the only true source of anchoring in my life. Instead, these are the little things that help me to feel more grounded and like myself when I am in a rut or simply having an off day. I think it’s important to define some of these things in our lives because when storms arise, we often forget what makes us feel better and end up exhausting ourselves in an attempt to remember what they are. Running hard towards God is the most important thing we can do when we are feeling off (or awesome, or anything in between). The rest of these things are the smaller scale heart-check things that help me along the way.

Source: Josephiney Photography via Flickr

prayer // keeping a clean and orderly space // following a consistent morning routine // drinking lots of water // being mindful of what I am filling my mind with // fixing a warm cup of tea // going for a drive // doing a load of laundry and putting it away while it is still warm // surprising a friend with a treat // getting enough sleep // keeping my inbox clean // following a budget // going for a walk // sending a piece of snail mail // getting fresh air // listening to the country list on Pandora // unplugging from social media for a few days // reading before I fall asleep // lighting a candle // going out to my favorite cafe for coffee // Friday night trips to Target // high school hangouts with our student ministry // writing // running a camera for services at church // Sunday afternoon fellowship // eating clean // visiting my grandparents


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