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May 25, 2015

Some Thoughts on Travel

It has been ten days since I came back from Bermuda and I am very much having vacation withdrawals. Prior to our trip, I was not big on travel. I was perfectly content staying within arm’s reach of my familiar landscape. Now, a switch has been flipped within me and I am ready to pack my bags and adventure everywhere. It’s remarkable how much your horizons can be expanded by travel. On our trip to Bermuda, I had no hesitation with exploring parts of the island on my own, a fearlessness that I think I have developed over the past year of taking local adventures by myself. I found a nice balance between capturing details with my camera and actually looking up and taking mental pictures of everything around me. I enjoyed talking with the locals in charming shops and scouring the Dockyard Pharmacy for an Aero bar. On the ship, I tasted authentic wasabi and sake at dinner and enjoyed rosewater oranges at lunch. I ate an entire meal using only chopsticks, which felt like quite the accomplishment. One of my favorite parts of the trip were the drives to the beaches on Sunday and Monday because I got to see a lot of the island’s personality through their street signage, the bright hues of the buildings, the lettering on the front of the banks, and the inspirational murals that decorated the bus stop shelters. There was a warmth in the conversations shared with locals and everyone seemed very proud of the place they call home. Now that I am back in New Hampshire, I want to continue to expand my horizons by reading more books, listening to more diverse music, learning about more cultures, going on more adventures, and traveling a whole lot more. Travel has planted the seed of wanting ‘more’ within me, and now I can’t help but want to water it. It’s interesting to have this new interest collide with my desire for quiet simplicity, but I think it’s unlikely combinations like that that make us who we are and plant passions within us.

Snapped while I was exploring the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda


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