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June 10, 2015

Inspired Workspace: School of Styling

I am so inspired by this shoot done by Kaitlin Holland of the School of Styling.  She has such a gift for bringing her dreamy ideas to life, and her inspired Summer School spaces are nothing short of brilliant. I would love to step through the screen and take a seat in this light-filled workspace inspired by a resourceful, determined artist. I have been hard at work this week with some Skillshare classes and I am very much identifying with the “I have so many ideas, interests, and passions I can’t choose what I should focus my time and resources on,” struggle that accompanied their inspiration for these images. What better way to be intentional and work smart than in a space as inspiring as this one?
InspiredWorkspace_School of Styling

Styling by Kaitlin Holland | Photography by Perry Vaile | Source


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