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Daily Life

September 10, 2015

10 Items From My Bucket List

Earlier this evening I was venturing through the web and discovered Blog-tember by a fellow Influence Conference attendee, Bailey Jean Robert. It consists of a month’s worth of writing prompts to get writing and to meet other bloggers through the process. While I might be ten days late to the party, I’m joining in. There are a handful of days this month that I have already planned and created content for, but I am going to follow the prompts on the other days and get writing more through it!
Blog-tember Bucket List

Today’s prompt is to share ten items from your bucket list. Over the past year, I have been so grateful to have the opportunity to experience many of them: go to a Southern Weddings launch party, intern with an amazing company, travel with my whole family, visit the South, and work with an incredible company, surrounded by beautiful weddings several weekends a year. Next week I will be experiencing another one as I attend the Influence Conference, too. The adventurer in me has a big long list of things I’d like to do in my life, some of which I’ve written down and others that I carry around in my thoughts. Here are a few to share with you today.

10 Items From My Bucket List
  1. launch my own brand well and build a creative business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world
  2. visit Europe and explore as many places as I can (Cinque Terre is high on that list)
  3. attend the Making Things Happen intensive
  4. establish a beautiful home office with hardwood floors, lots of natural light, a 27′ iMac, a cappuccino maker, a sitting area, a big binder of Pantone chips, and plenty of space to do hand lettering and watercolor projects
  5. adventure through the streets of a foreign country on a moped
  6. live in Fort Point
  7. buy (and learn how to use) a DSLR camera to capture life’s sweetest moments
  8. live an abundant, debt free lifestyle (student loans, I’m looking at you)
  9. be featured on Style Me Pretty Living for either my work or my space
  10. buy a pair of Tieks, (and in a dream world: a pair of Chanel flats) – I live in flats

I would love to hear some of your bucket list items! Either share some of them below or comment with a link to a blog post about them.

This post has been part of the 2015 Blog-tember Challenge


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