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Daily Life

September 11, 2015

Staying In On A Friday Night

As much as I enjoy a good adventure or meeting up with friends, there is something indulgent about staying in on a Friday night. It starts the weekend off well to slow down sometimes and unwind.
staying in on a friday night

Source: Milena Mallory via Darling Magazine

Unplug from my phone, social media, and all work

Since I do most of my work from home, I have to be extra intentional about drawing boundaries between rest and work. I do this by tucking away my planner into my desk drawer, logging out of email, and stepping away from my computer. Taking a weekend away from social media does wonders too and it can be as simple as deleting the apps or logging out on Friday evenings.

Prepare a favorite recipe or try a new one

I often have the kitchen to myself on Friday nights, leaving plenty of room to try new recipes and whip up something delicious. My favorite source for ideas lately has been Gimme Some Oven. I really enjoyed her broccoli cheese soup recipe for something savory.

Pamper myself with some beauty treatments

I love to draw a hot bath, light a candle, and enjoy a nice long soak. Since I have sensitive skin, I like to try at-home facial combinations and treatments that are gentle and made fresh in the kitchen. Some of my favorite sources for ideas are The Beauty Department and this Pinterest board. I really want to try these at-home pore strips this weekend.

Treat myself to a glass of something lovely

I typically drink mostly water, coffee, and tea during the week, so special drinks are a treat that I really enjoy. My favorites include the blood orange flavor of San Pellegrino, strawberry grapefruit tea from Teavana, and Cavit Moscato.

Watch a favorite show

Lately, my preference has been re-watching The Office on Netflix. Other favorites include Gilmore Girls and New Girl for something light-hearted and familiar. I prefer this over movies most of the time because I can stop watching whenever I’d like if I feel like taking a spontaneous trip to Target, or I can play it in the background while I cook or practice lettering.

Staying in on a Friday night with friends

If spending the evening alone seems lonely, I like to call up a friend for a game night in cozy clothes and make brownie sundaes or enjoy a glass of wine on the porch. What are some of your favorite things to do when staying in on a Friday night?

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