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daily life



Daily Life

September 12, 2015

Currently in September

I’m really enjoying following along with Blog-tember. I didn’t realize how many fun post ideas there were until I joined in on this on Thursday. I’ve done a post like this before here, but today’s ‘Currently in September’ post is the first like it in a while and I had fun filling it out. I hope your weekend is lovely!
Currently In September

Currently in September

Reading… the last chapter of this book. Angie Smith is a favorite of mine and her books are so good.
Playing… my new playlist for my travels next week that I will be posting here on Wednesday.
Watching…  (or really re-watching) Season 7 of The Office on Netflix.
Trying… to choose a new nail polish color to buy. It’s been three months of indecision and frugality.
Cooking…  this french onion soup, multiple times a week.
Eating… open-faced veggie, chicken, avocado, and hummus sandwiches on Ezekiel toast for lunch.
Drinking… coconut La Croix in anticipation of Bermuda 2.0 next month.
Calling… Meg on Google Hangout. We’ve been using this often to wrap up projects for the Conference.
Texting… new friends that I’ve made through The Influence Network. Taking friendships offline rules.
Pinning… lots of bright, airy, cheerful pins.
Tweeting… nothing. Y’all, I need to learn how to use Twitter. I’m so behind the times on this one.
Going…  to Indianapolis in five days for the Influence Conference!
Loving…  my new weekender bag. I snagged it on sale and am excited to use it!
Discovering… new ways to improve my calligraphy and apply hand lettering to projects.
Thinking… about what I’d like to do this weekend. A trip to Anthropologie is a maybe.
Feeling… excited, grateful, adventurous, and hopeful.
Hoping (for)… plenty of opportunities to connect and build lasting friendships at the conference.
Listening (to)… lots of podcasts. This one has become a favorite.
Celebrating… the arrival of Fall, the conference coming up, and my sweet friend’s baby shower
Smelling… my current most favorite candle. Soon I will be switching over to fall scents!
Thanking… God for such an abundant season of good, growing, joyful things to enjoy.
Considering… splurging on this robe. It’s would be such a treat to slip into after post-workout showers.
Starting… this book as soon as I finish my current one.
Finishing… the Influence Conference magazine. We’re just making edits now and I’m excited to share it!

This post has been part of the 2015 Blog-tember Challenge

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