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September 21, 2015

Go and Do

This weekend was wild and free. I have so much goodness to unpack and pray through, and lots of memories to carry with me through the days to come. I slept in for a good long time this morning and am now sitting in bed watching Jess Connolly’s Monday morning Periscope along with my cup of coffee. In getting back into the day-to-day right here in my places at home, I am also linking back into Bailey Jean‘s September series with my favorite quote or expression and how it has impacted me. I am grateful to have met Bailey Jean this weekend and shared laughter, a dinner table, and crepes with her over those precious days in Indianapolis. It’s remarkable how God brought forth new friendships so quickly and helped us to all link arms with one another in what He is doing within and through us. 


A favorite expression that comes to mind this weekend is ‘go and do’. It is found in Lara Casey’s downloads page and currently serves as the lockscreen on my phone. It is a simple – yet powerful – reminder to do the work, create forward motion, be brave, and do the things that matter most. This weekend, I learned from Nancy Ray to ask God what He wants me to do with my days, especially in structuring my workdays and gaining skills to ultimately design full-time. In having a lot of margin and flexibility with my schedule right now, it is tempting to get swept up into Netflix, scrolling on my phone, or other fruitless distractions in my days. In the work revival at the conference she encouraged me to offer up my days to God and ask Him what is most important to get done, which works well with ‘go and do’ because it reminds me not to delay in what God says but instead to take action and move forward.

Lara’s wallpaper can be downloaded here for iPhone, iPad, Laptop, and Desktop.

This post has been part of the 2015 Blog-tember Challenge

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