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September 22, 2015

Printable Greeting Card for Spreading Joy

While I am still on the mend from a little cold that I caught over the weekend, today I want to share a printable greeting card card made with some of my watercolor and lettering sketches. I had some scans that I had saved to my laptop before my trip and I used them to get creative between Baltimore and Indianapolis on Thursday. I hope this printable will help you to send some uplifting words to a friend today, or to speak life into somebody who might be feeling weary or overwhelmed. 

Printable Greeting Card - Kyla Mary - Hello

Using the Printable Greeting Card
  1. Download the file here
  2. Print it out (I usually send mine to Staples and have them printed on 67lb white cardstock for about 75 cents)
  3. Pop it into an envelope (it is sized to A2) with a pretty stamp
  4. Fill it with heartfelt goodness and spread joy!

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