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For the Heart

September 23, 2015

Where is Your Hope?


Yesterday Jess Connolly asked a really good question at the end of her newsletter that has me searching my heart today: Where is your hope? After coming home this weekend on a mountain-top high, I have spent the past few days resting from a cold that I caught during my travels. Instead of hitting the ground running on Monday, I have been moving at a slower-than-usual pace with lazy mornings and a lot of lounging in my pajamas. Over the course of these few days, I’ve learned that when I am not working diligently towards something purposeful, it is easy to get swept up into distractions and fruitless thoughts. When I came home on Sunday, my heart was wholly set on God and the truths He spoke to me at the conference. In that, I knew to be prepared for the world to hit me with things that try to take my eyes off of Him, even if in a subtle way. Sure enough, it’s Wednesday and I can already count the distractions on one hand – if not two.

Something that really struck me about Jess’s question is the idea of storing our hope in things other than Him and how easy that can be to do when we aren’t diligently setting our hearts on Him. I am reminded of Psalm 39:7 (NLT), “And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you.” For me, in this season, I find myself putting my hope in two particular areas: what I envision my business becoming, and my desire to one day marry. I am learning that it is disobedient for me to store up my hope there instead of in Him. I desire to honor God wholly with every area of my life, and I am realizing that I often discredit the fact that my hope is to be completely – not partially – in Him in every season and stage. He gets my whole hope now, it is not something that is withheld until He brings forth a fruitful, profitable business or intersects my path with that of the man I will someday marry.

Putting our whole hope in Him brings such security and stability. In choosing to do that we acknowledge that He is our rock, He fills our hearts, and our contentedness is unconditionally resting in Him. 

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