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For the Heart

October 8, 2015

True Freedom is Found in Surrender

Y’all, I was on a roll with posting more but I am not yet at a point with my blog where I have content planned out and scheduled in advance. For that reason, sometimes posting slips away from me when real life happens in abundance. The past week has been filled with such ‘in real life’ goodness that I’ve been on my computer far less, but I want to check in right now and say: Hi sweet friend, you are fiercely loved. And you are free in Him.
This morning I grabbed my Bible, my journal, and a warm coffee and drove to the beach for some spur-the-moment quiet time. As I sat in front of ocean and looked out at the wide open space, I thought of true freedom. Over the past month I have tasted true freedom and learned that it is found in complete surrender. I have learned how terrifyingly beautiful it is to hand Him every hope, dream, idea, desire, fear, question, and doubt to do with as He pleases. Matters are far safer in His hands than our own, friends. Sit in that for a moment. Hold your hands out to Him. Unclench your fingers and ask Him to help you trust. He doesn’t ask us for an elaborate display of surrender or a ten step plan to get there, He wants our humility and our trust exactly where we are.

Here is something that I lettered in my sketchbook yesterday. Print it, pass it on to a friend in need, set it as a desktop background, and be encouraged by it. There is a whole lot of goodness that follows this verse in scripture too, so take some time to read through it when you can.

 8 x 10″ Print | Desktop Wallpaper

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