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daily life



Daily Life

October 12, 2015

Currently in October

This weekend was full and lovely with the wedding of two dear friends on Saturday afternoon, followed by a visit to the coast of Maine and then a drive down to central Massachusetts for the best pizza the world has ever known. Bermuda 2.0 is coming up on Friday so I am taking the next few days to wrap up some design projects, plan out my time on the island, and savor every bit of this week because I think lead-ups to trips are a precious thing.12109250_10206751388977637_5786232762422316787_n

Currently in October

Reading… this lovely blog
Playing… my happy October playlist
Watching… the foliage turn to pretty oranges and reds
Trying… to eliminate distractions from my workflow
Cooking… Annie’s mac and cheese with peas and mustard, inspired by Emily
Eating… Hershey kisses from this weekend’s wedding favors
Drinking… coconut seltzer
Texting… one of my sweet small group sisters who is home with a cold
Pinning… often to my Inspired board
Tweeting… I still haven’t gotten the hang of Twitter (but let’s hangout on Instagram)
Going… to Bermuda on Friday!
Loving… early morning quiet time
Discovering… new painting and lettering skills
Thinking… a lot about adventure and creativity
Feeling… content, grateful, and steady
Hoping (for)… sunshine throughout our vacation
Listening (to)… this song from Rend Collective
Celebrating… two years of bravely stepping out in work and jobs
Smelling… apple and pumpkin goodness everywhere I go
Thanking… God for the faithfulness He’s shown to me over the past couple of months
Considering… renting a moped in Bermuda
Starting… to pack for my trip so that I don’t rush later in the week
Finishing… My first-ever brand identity project. I’m so excited to share it with y’all later this month!

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