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daily life



Daily Life

October 26, 2015

Well, Hi There

I want to take a moment to check in on this sweet little space and say hi because this month is passing quickly and it has been ten days since I’ve posted here. In that time I have been from Boston to Bermuda and back and life has continued to be so full. Our trip was a special time shared with my family, making memories before my brother leaves for the Air Force in December. We got home on Friday morning and I’ve been soaking up all of the autumn goodness over the past few days now that we are back in New England. The foliage is beautiful here and I have already gone for two drives, sipped warm cider at an autumn party, and ran through a corn maze since I got home. Earlier this afternoon I had lunch with one of my sweet friends at the edge of the lake that borders my town and then I drove to the other side afterward to sit on the dock and get quiet with a book. God has guided me to get quiet before Him so I am taking some time and giving plenty of margin right now to do just that. It’s good to be back, y’all.


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