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For the Heart

November 12, 2015

He Is Faithful

Last night I was driving home on a rainy back road after a full day and thinking of how faithful God has been over the past couple of months. As I thought deeper, I realized that He is always faithful, not just in the times that I have seen, and that He is always there to love us and lead us. When I got home I lit a candle (y’all, this candle is Christmas cheer in fragrance form) and I cracked open my journal from earlier this year. I have shared quite a bit about how this summer was one of the most dark and difficult times in my life, but God has done a redeeming work in my heart and answered prayers in ways I never could have imagined on my own. In that, I wanted to look back and see His hand in it all by reading the passages that I had written from May until now. Page by page, His faithfulness left me in awe. There is an entry from May 25th where I wrote down a list of prayers that seemed impossible at the time, things I never could have imagined feeling settled, and I can now say that every single one has been answered. Little by little, He pried my fingers away from the stuff that never satisfies and instead breathed life into every corner of me. He can do the same for you. He is faithful to all of His children, and He loves you fiercely.

On May 14th, on the last day of our big family vacation, I wrote these words in my journal, “I want the products of my heart (both words and design) to be a passionate, meaningful outpouring of the things and experiences that bring me joy. I want them to be a passionate expression, not a hollow noise added to a sea of striving.” As I have learned and grown as a designer this year, I have come to a point where I don’t want to produce anything just for the sake of recognition or money. I want the pieces I create to be inspired by Him and created out of the overflow of my heart. In my desire to ultimately establish my own creative business full-time, I want to stick to that conviction, which is why I do not currently offer a product line. So as a way to share some of the ideas that God is inspiring in the meantime as He continues to grow and guide me, I am having such a lovely time creating pieces like this (and last month’s freedom print) with you. Print it, pass it along to a friend, or set it a your desktop background. I want you to be encouraged today in knowing that He is faithful and He is with you right where you are.

8 x 10″ Print | Desktop Wallpaper

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