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For the Heart

November 16, 2015

He is Our Fixed Point

New weeks excite me with fresh planner pages to be filled and new projects to get my hands on. This morning, however, I found my attention being pulled in several different directions from the start. While each thing was well-intentioned and ultimately a worthy pursuit, my time and resources are not my own and it would be a waste to try and plan out the day without His direction. If I try to divide my attention among every item on my list – especially at the same time – I will end up with an unfinished product at worst and a watered-down result at best. As I was trying to decide what to tackle first, I stopped for a moment and remembered something from yesterday’s sermon: We need a fixed point to refer back to for everything in life. God is steady, unwavering, always good, and always faithful.

While the things that vie for our attention each day might all be good and fruitful, it is important to remember that our time is not really our own. The hours in each day, the giftings we were created to have, and the passions in our heart are all fruitless when they are used to build our own kingdoms instead of His. So in choosing where to invest our resources – the building blocks that consist of our time, energy, and money – will you join me in asking Him how He would like them to be used? Whether it be in approaching a project at work, sharing a conversation with a friend, making purchases on a Target run, and everything in between, let’s do a heart-check and see how we can point others towards Him and away from ourselves in what we do and how we invest the resources we’ve been entrusted with. Let’s lift our eyes beyond ourselves and fix them on Him instead, our steady fixed point. He knows what He is doing and He always satisfies.

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