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daily life



Daily Life

November 23, 2015

Snippets from November

November has been full of community, quiet time, and creativity. Aside from working on design projects, I have hardly opened my laptop and it has been so good for quieting my heart and steading my gaze on what matters most. As I shared earlier this fall, I am taking this sweet season to produce less content and to instead cast vision for how to best use this corner of the internet in the upcoming year. With less-frequent posts, I want to share a glimpse into what I have been up to lately.

• I have been catching up with one of my dear friends who just came back from ten months of teaching in Malaysia.

• I just wrapped up some Christmas graphics for the Influence Network and am excited for all that they have planned to share with members in the upcoming weeks.

• I have been devouring the Word unlike ever before. Seamless has been a catalyst.

• Weekly lunches beside the lake with one of my sweet friends. We started doing this in early October and my Mondays are lovelier for it.

• I got to work a merchandise table at a Big Daddy Weave concert at my church last Tuesday and it was an awesome night that reminded me of God’s grace, gentleness, and steadfast love.

• I was commissioned by for my first lettered logo project. I’m hoping to take on more lettering projects like this in the upcoming months!

• Our student ministry had a lock-in last Friday night filled with cookies, laser tag, and a 5am dance party.

• I cozied up in the corner of a charming local cafe for a folk music night

• I had the privilege of doing the layout and design for the first Life Lived Beautifully holiday magazine

• I have been savoring a (mostly) TV-free month with lots of quiet time and reading. This book is quickly becoming a favorite.

Lately, days have been full in the best ways. It’s incredible how abundant our schedules become when we realize that ‘our’ time is really His and that He will place good things in our calendars if we leave margin instead of crowding them with our own agendas. I hope you have a lovely Monday friends!

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