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daily life



Daily Life

November 30, 2015

November Gratefulgrams

November was full and lovely and rich in community and quiet time. I am thankful for growing friendships, abundant fellowship, lots of sunny and warm days, and plenty of opportunities to learn.
November Gratefulgrams Kyla Mary

antiquing adventure day with my friend Mel / reuniting with my friend Jenn who came home from Malaysia / volunteering at the Big Daddy Weave concert / a spontaneous dinner with my Grammy and Tappy / serving alongside my youth group girls at an outreach event for our community / sweet moments of laughter and shared wisdom with my friend Tara / watching Rachel Nordgren’s Influence class with my friend Cara / winning Thanksgiving trivia with my sweet little cousin Avah / decorating the church for Christmas with some of my favorite ladies

The idea for monthly gratefulgrams was inspired by the lovely Nancy Ray


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