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December 1, 2015

How I Am Celebrating Advent

I’ve never fully done Advent before. I vaguely remember being about 7 and having dinner with some close family friends who recognized Advent through candle lighting and a special reading every Sunday around their dinner table. I remember the word ‘advent’ making me think of little numbered cardboard calendars filled with 24 chocolate squares, and a brightly-colored fabric calendar that hung on the back of our garage door with a fun little Christmas pocket to correspond with each day leading up to Christmas. To be clear, my family has always centered Christmas around Christ and made the meaning of the holiday season very known. Christmas has always been the day we celebrate the birthday of Jesus – never has the noise of the holidays drowned that out in our home.
Now that I am older though and preparing for the day when I eventually move out of our family home, Advent season is taking on its own, deeper meaning for me.  My heart for this season is captured so well through the Naptime Diaries Advent website and devotional this year: make room for Jesus. In the days ahead I want to make room for Him in my heart, in my spaces, in my thoughts, and in the hours that make up each day. He has been growing my heart more for Him in recent months and I want to continue to get quiet and intentional before Him through Advent this year. Will you join me, friends? Let’s remember what is most important this month and grow in ways that we can carry with us long after the Christmas season has passed.

Source: Naptime Diaries

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