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Daily Life

December 30, 2015

50 of the Sweetest Snippets from 2015

This year has been my favorite year yet. It was filled to the brim with moments and experiences that drew me closer to God, opportunities to grow and establish myself as a designer, an abundance of community and new friendships to tend to, and so much grace… so, so much grace. To document some of my favorite moments from the year, I compiled a list of 50 favorites. This is not an exhaustive list, as there were countless blessings and adventures among my favorites, but these are the first ones that came to mind last night as I sat down to think about the memories that stood out to me this year:

  • Packing up my picnic basket and journaling by the lake
  • Serving at Work Weekend with our student ministry
  • Playing board games with my family
  • Forming the tradition of Thursday afternoon Target trips with the sweet girl I babysit
  • Working the Style Me Pretty + West Elm Fenway event
  • Visiting an animal rescue farm with my mom and grammy
  • Taking a cruise with my entire extended family in May
  • Discovering Fort Point
  • When one of my dearest friends told me she and her husband were expecting their first baby, the gender reveal where we found out they were having a boy, and meeting their sweet little man earlier this month.
  • Taking adventures with one of my sweet friends who visited from Texas

  • Getting hired for – and completing – my first branding project
  • The morning I felt complete peace in pursuing design along the path I’m on
  • Sharing coffee on a sunny Saturday morning with some of my sweet youth group girls
  • The night I went to bingo with my Mom and got to bond through her hobby
  • Sharing all the redemption that God had brought with a full heart
  • Going on an adventure for the perfect pizza for a dear friend’s birthday
  • Every bit of the Influence Conference, especially hearing from the Lord so clearly and all of the meals shared with all of the sweet friends I made
  • My sweet friend’s love-filled baby shower
  • The day I started interning with Life Lived Beautifully and ultimately becoming their Junior Designer
  • Serving on the production team at church

  • Lunches in my friend’s design office and sneaking candy from her hidden stash
  • Having a spur-the-moment ice cream lunch date with two of my dear friends
  • Serving at the Rend Collective and Big Daddy Weave concerts held at my church this fall
  • Going on a morning beach date with God in October and November and hearing from Him in that quiet time
  • Our family vacation to Bermuda in October, especially laughing with my family and listening to worship music with my mom during the first sunset
  • Laughing with my friends at our annual small group autumn party
  • Getting commissioned for my first lettered logo design
  • Adventuring through a corn maze with our youth ministry
  • Lunches by the lake with my sweet friend
  • Craft days with some of the sweetest girls I know

  • Helping my friend with a beautiful fall styled shoot
  • Splitting queso and skillet cookies and catching up on life with one of my dear friends every few months
  • Creating and sharing the LLB Holiday magazine
  • Our student ministry’s lock-in and all of the memories made in the middle of the night
  • Going out to eat with friends after church on Thursday nights
  • Decorating our church for Christmastime
  • Practicing my lettering skills and sharing the products of that practice
  • All the virtual and in-person coffee dates I shared with friends from all over the country
  • Going on a Christmas light tour with one of my dear friends
  • Every meal I shared with my grandparents around their table

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