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daily life



Daily Life

July 24, 2016

Taking the Leap

Gosh, I am excited y’all! It has been a dream of mine for a couple years now to attend a particular conference and I just secured my seat to make that happen. In 84 days I will be boarding a plane to North Carolina and I am excited and expectant at all that God has in store for me there. Fall is already my most favorite time of year and now I am all the more excited for it to be here.

Much like this little blog of mine – which I am just diving right into – I’m taking the leap and getting started in big ways towards making the dreams in my heart a reality. I am a dreamer of big dreams. I have lots of ideas and goals that live in my mind, on the pages of my Powersheets, and within the journals I’ve kept for the past few years. On this bright and sunny Sunday morning in July, I’m excited to start taking action on them.

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