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Daily Life

July 30, 2016

Settling Into Blogging Again

It’s a sunny Saturday morning and I am delighted to hear the click of the keys beneath my fingertips as I settle into blogging again. I kept a blog for much of the past two and a half years, something that helped me to uncover my creativity bit by bit, connect with ladies I look up to online, and to process the various seasons the Lord has used to refine my heart in these early years of adulting. Late last year, at some point around the holidays, my perspective with being online got a bit distorted as I began to get swept up in the idea of strategy and statistics with blogging and social media.

There are numerous resources and online communities now to become equipped as an entrepreneur, increase in business growth, and increase social media following – and thankfully so! These provide a way for the driven creative person to be self-taught in building a solid foundation for their pursuits from the comfort of their home. At first, I was encouraged by them and excitedly clicked on every ’50 great blog ideas’, ‘7 ways to increase your blog productivity’, ’12 tips for a powerful brand’ posts, looking for ways to achieve success. But that eventually led to losing sight of my heart for being online in the sea of strategy. I lost my enjoyment for it altogether when it became more about building strategically and less about listening for God’s inspiration and giving lots of breathing room for my creativity to be used. I think there is a lot to be said for the benefit of strategic blogging in business, but the calling on my heart right now is to use this space as a creative outlet and to chronicle the adventures in the life I’m building with Dillon. And y’all, I’m so excited about that.

I have been craving the creative process of building inspiration boards, sharing snippets of my days, and putting words onto a blank page. I currently have no plan or schedule with how to use this blog, when to post, or what numbers to reach, and that is so freeing. In place of what was once burden and pressure there is now inspiration, excitement, and a place to pour my creativity into. For that, I am so very grateful.

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