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Flower Picking at Sunnycrest Farm

This Saturday my friend Tara and I went flower picking at Sunnycrest Farm in Londonderry. I’ve lived in New Hampshire all my life and had no idea that flower picking farms existed until Tara introduced me! After eating a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we had lots of fun getting creative with our flower bunches and […]

August 16, 2016

Adventures + Travel

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Southwestern Chicken Soup Recipe

This year I’ve taken on the responsibility of making dinner for my family a few times a month. It’s been a fun little challenge to find and create healthy, simple recipes to refer back to for meal planning in my own home someday. Yesterday I had a craving for southwestern chicken soup, inspired by the variation available […]

August 10, 2016


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August 2016 Goals

Happy August, y’all! This month means that fall is just around the corner and I am delighted. This is the month when the PSL is often reintroduced for the year, the first bits of crisp weather are felt, and humidity eases up in New Hampshire. This is the perfect time of year to begin sharing my […]

August 1, 2016


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