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September 8, 2016

Blog-tember Day 8: Home Inspiration

Since I am not far off from planning my own home, I’m sharing my home Pinterest boards with you today in lieu of sharing my bedroom in my parents’ home. I keep a separate board for living areas, kitchen/dining, washroom/bathrooms,  outdoor spaces, and a home studio. Someday I would like to add boards for a front porch and nursery ideas, but for now these are well-suited to what I will be planning and shopping for in the upcoming year. Through all the interior boards I’ve noticed common threads of bright, airy spaces that are warm and inviting without being cluttered.

Living Spaces

Kitchen Spaces

Washroom Spaces

Goodness y’all. Seeing all of this together makes me so excited to bring some of these ideas to life in creating our home in the near future! Where do you draw home inspiration from?

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