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September 10, 2016

Blog-tember Day 10: Labor Day Weekend

Today I am combining the ‘a day in the life’ prompt of Blog-tember with a recap of our Labor Day weekend adventures! It started with a restful Friday evening of lighting my Leaves candle and writing a sweet love note, and ended with us climbing up into the loft of the barn at Dillon’s house to catch up on the day with him. The air was cool and crisp that night and it started to truly feel like fall.

Saturday was annual ‘Pie on the Beach’ day with Dillon’s extended family, which happens to include one of my most dear friends Krystina. It was beautiful and sunny and just cool enough to enjoy the edge of the sea without needing to take a dip for refreshment. We strolled along the water with Krystina and her husband and Dillon’s oldest sister and then enjoyed the lovely spread of fruity pies.


The mixed berry pie from Applecrest Farm was my favorite!


Dillon and I rested for a bit when we got back from the full day of being in the sun and then went out for a late dinner at a local mexican restaurant. I ordered the fish tacos and enjoyed every bite of that goodness. I used to be skeptical of the idea of combining fish with tacos, but they can be so delicious if done right.


On Sunday we drove to a local farmstand (a favorite fall activity of mine!) and found that the peach crop didn’t happen this year in New England due to cooler temperatures. Fortunately, apple pickings starts this weekend! We ended up making potato soup and playing Uno until we drove back to his house for my girls night with his oldest sister. I had my first cup of warm apple cider and sat by a crackling campfire, savoring every bit of the slowness and cozy evening.

On Monday afternoon we drove up north to the Franconia Notch Parkway. We’ve driven the Kangamagus a few times earlier this year so we ventured off that path to explore new places. We came upon the quaint little town of Sugar Hill, nestled just north of the White Mountain National Forest, and stopped at this adorable little barn that serves as a shop, Sugar Hill Sampler. I got a little peppermint patty for snacking and snapped a few pictures of the pretty exterior before we continued on our way.


Our second stop was Harman’s Cheese & Country Store where we got to sample several different cheeses. The ladies inside were so sweet and helpful, making the recommendation to try the apple cider honey mustard from Fox Meadow Farm. We liked it so much that we left with a jar of it!


We drove a bit more along the parkway and got out to take a little walk overlooking this beautiful view. God’s creation is magnificent!


After our walk, we searched out a local grocery store nearby and stopped inside to pick up a box of crackers to enjoy a taste of our cheese shop goodies. We didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before we unwrapped all the goodness and began snacking with plastic knives from the soup section to spread the mustard and slice the cheese. I thought it was so old fashioned for them to wrap it in newspaper to keep it cold, but it worked quite well!


We made a quick stop at the outlets on the way home to check out the sales at J. Crew (these jeans were so cute! The regular length was bit long on me though so I might purchase petite later this year) and consider more fall candles at Bath and Body Works. We finished the day with breakfast for dinner at the diner and me picking out a new nail polish, which I applied as soon as we got back. It was a great weekend of summer things mixed with fall things and a lovely start to September! 🙂



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  1. Melissa Grimes

    September 10th, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Hello! Ok that pie looks incredible, actually so does the entire weekend! I enjoyed reading, have a great weekend!

  2. Kyla Fetzner

    September 12th, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    Thank you Melissa! It was quite lovely 🙂

  3. Em

    September 20th, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Sounds like a beautiful weekend! We’ve driven on the Kangamagus and it is glorious!