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Daily Life

September 29, 2016

Blogtember Day 28: 2016 in Five Photos

Friends, my Blog-tember participation has fallen a bit to the wayside as the month has progressed because many of the recent prompts haven’t resonated much with me. They are fun and creative ideas but simply not topics that excited me enough to inspire posts all on their own. However, I realized that yesterday’s prompt to share “the top five pictures that illustrate your year so far” is too good to pass up! I took a break from blogging earlier this year, so this post is a little catch up of sorts of the highlights that have been the most significant in 2016 so far.


1. At the start of the year I began six months of leading a young adults group at church with three friends, including Dillon. The ministry has since grown to about 50 regular members and continues to thrive!


2. My relationship with God has reached a whole new level this year. I am overwhelmed by His grace and seeing His hand in my life unlike anytime before. I’ve seen the incredible fruit of Him pruning my life and heard from Him more than ever. This photo was taken on an afternoon in March when I took my Bible and journal out to the coast for quiet time with Him.


3. After a lot of prayer, my relationship with Dillon began and has changed my life for the better. If ever there has been an example of God’s love and faithfulness in my life, I have seen it through living out this relationship with Dillon and walking into each new bit of it alongside him. This photo was from our first official date.


4. I have learned so much about health this year and realized keys to thriving that have changed my life for the better. Building a healthy lifestyle seemed like a mountain at the start of the year but has gradually become such a priority to me and given me the push to keep going!


5. In July I finally signed up for the Making Things Happen Intensive. This has been a dream of mine for almost three years and I believe that God’s timing is perfect with when I’m attending. I have gone through an incredible soul-scrubbing year and am ready and eager to do the hard work to uncover what matters most in less than three weeks. I am so very grateful!

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