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October 3, 2016



Scott Clark Photo via 100 Layer Cake

Autumn is my most favorite season. While the weather gets crisp outside, indoor spaces and soft scarves become cozy. Nighttime comes earlier but the flicker of candles and the warmth of campfires fills each evening with a different, special kind of light. Fellowship is rich as small groups gather for new studies at church, and weekends bring fun activities and adventures to share. Sunday afternoons carry the tradition of football after church, and Mondays are filled with opportunity instead of being burdensome.

October is upon us and I intend to fill this month with as many of my favorite fall things as I can. The newest issue of Southern Living arrived last week, with pages of recipes for soup, cornbread, and hearty stews. I sipped warm cider twice this weekend, savored sweet chocolate chip pumpkin bites, and have been lighting my Leaves candle daily. The trees have just begun to change color in southern New Hampshire, leading to a flourishing display of foliage over the next few weeks. My mom decorated our front door with corn stalks this weekend and pumpkins are beginning to appear on front porches throughout our neighborhood. Fall is here y’all, and I am so grateful it is!

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than any other season.” – Jim Bishop

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