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October 4, 2016

Bluegrass Music

I’m heading to North Carolina in twelve days and my excitement is brimming over. I have big dreams of moving there someday, as I have been enchanted with the Triangle for the past few years, a love that increased deeply when my mom and I visited in late 2014. I visited the RDU website over the weekend as I was reviewing the details of my travel arrangements and was delighted by what I found. The airport hosted a Salute to Bluegrass event last week at the baggage claim. How charming is that? I wish the event was taking place while I am there! This inspired me to search for a fun bluegrass playlist to play while blogging and working on design pieces yesterday and I quickly found this compilation of bluegrass created by Spotify. If the sound of a banjo or fiddle warms your heart like it does mine, I think you will thoroughly enjoy it!

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